Anita and Luis:

Thank You Tatiana, Brian & The Way 2 Dance Studio for being a part of our Sons Wedding. For the first time I was able to dance with confidence; I had a great time; and it made my dance with my son very special! Thanks again.


Chad and Tara:

Tatyana, Thank you again for helping us learn the perfect wedding dance!
We really enjoyed every minute of working with you! Looking forward to more lessons in the future!!

Jim and Collene:

"The more lessons taken (especially the private) the more confident we are,  and the more fun we have. You and Brian are such a positive force, thank you.."

Alan and Brenda:

Brenda and I had a fantastic time at the masquerade ball.  The music was excellent.  The dj had a lot of energy.  Greatly enjoyed Brian's line dance.  Thank you for providing the opportunity to enjoy all we learned in class.  Brenda and I are pooped from all the dancing.  Thank you again for a fantastic evening of dancing and being around fun people.

Paul and Sherron:

“If you take dance lessons,” I said to my husband, “You never, ever have to buy me another  present.” He he called Tatyana at The Way 2 Dance.  The first time I joined him, I was amazed.  He had rhythm!  He had a frame!  When he missed a step, he waited for the beat and started over! He smiled while doing all that!  He LIKED it!  I was giddy. We are dancing together and having so much fun.  I cannot believe how much Tatyana has exceeded my expectations. 
Thank you, Tatyana!